Protect your kids from Child Predators with the Safe from Harm DVD.

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If you just watched that 2-minute video clip, you will have seen how easy it is for a child predator to deceive and endanger our children.

It happens every day. Literally: Each day, two thousand children go missing in this country. Some are runaways, but many are abducted.

What would your child do if he or she were approached by a child offender?

Working with an NBC affiliate, local law enforcement and the XEL-Defense Teams, we went out to see how the average child would respond to such a threat.

These were kids with parents who had taught them, time and time again, never to open the door or to leave with a stranger.

It was shocking to watch by hidden camera as these children, one by one, did the exact opposite of what they had been taught.

Is there anything more we can do to protect our children from predators?

Yes, and through extensive research, we discovered a new way to help you teach your children. Instead of just telling these children what not to do, we practice with them exactly what they should do. The results were remarkable.

  • Emmy Winning DVD.
  • Full-length, instructional program and no advertisements.
  • Appropriate for almost all ages.

One of the very best ways to protect your children is to tech them what to expect and how to react. Please watch it with your family.


Save From Harm

Note: As of March 2012, the Safe From Harm DVD will no longer be offered on this website. For nearly 6 years The National Alert Registry had generously supported this site and helped us to provide free copies of Safe From Harm to thousands of parents all across the country. We are sad to see this come to an end but happy we have been able to help so many.


National Alert Registry
Photos, addresses, and criminal records of child offenders.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

National Crime
Information Center (NCIC)


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